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All Four Wheels Driving School

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Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel complete course fee is $375.00

Student accounts Paid-in-Full by the first day of class will receive a $50.00 discount and pay the tuition fee of $325.00

A $100.00 (non-refundable) deposit payment is required with registration.

(not to be combined with any other discounts)

We accept Cash or Checks

                                                   Any remaining balance or charges must be paid-in-full by Monday of the last week of the classroom instruction.

                                                                                 (Students will not receive the Permit Application until classroom fees are paid in full.)

If you took the Class-room portion somewhere else and have not received your Behind-the-Wheel instruction, the tuition fee is $240.00

The driving instruction is set in a 90-minute time frame, followed by 90-minutes of in-car observation. This Behind-the-Wheel instruction is

Six (6) hours of Behind-the-Wheel and Six (6) hours of in-car observation makes up the total of twelve (12) hours required by the Secretary of State.

If you just need a re-fresher course in Behind-the-Wheel instruction the tuition fee is $60.00an hour.



A $50.00 fee will be charged for the following: No Exceptions

  • Failure to present Permit at the time of a Behind-the-Wheel session.
  • Failure to give a 48-hour Cancellation Notice for a scheduled Behind-the-Wheel session.
  • Failure to pay any outstanding balance or charges.
  • Any vandalism or damage caused to All Four Wheels property or materials by any student will be replaced/purchased
               at cost/labor value by student and parent.
               NO EXCEPTIONS
  •  We accept Cash or Checks
    •    There will be a $30 service charge on all returned checks.
    •    Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.